Sathyavalli. R

The confidence he has given me. He listens to the problems very patiently and gives the treatment. Both myself and my husband were treated by him. We are quite happy with the treatment

Ameena Jaffar

I had just a month of treatment with moxa needles n cupping therapy I got positive result I suggest every infertile couple visit here without wasting lakhs in fertility clinics thank you so much doctor once again after six years finally I m happy n satisfied

Chidambara Moorthy

I recommend the doctor, cool and warm reception ; informative ,clear and accurate information above your illness and how the medicines you take are working how to take your prescribed medicines, it timing everything to need to hear ; not provided by your alopathy doctors..

Amit Khariwa

Excellent. Very much satisfied. Even recommended to others , they are very much satisfied. explains the issues properly, he is not like other young doctors who are book worms .


I am very much satisfied with his treatment.he explained clearly how this type of treatment will work for sugar problem.

Antony Gladius

The clinical space has to improve, better infrastructure will bring more patients, more patients can benefit from him.


Very happy with the treatment given. Got Assured relief from the problem I had gone for. Was Properly guided by his diet chart

Hema Malini

Good day. I just thank God and my family friend who referred me Mr.Yusuf.By his grace iam leading a healthy and pain less life. Let God almighty bless him and his family.


The experience was good and he is polite, the prescribed treatement was helpfull now im getting a speedy recovery.

Rajesh Kannan

After 7 year My wife full satisfied,Dr user friendly, good results with 2 cycle I am very happy with Dr thanks

Sathya Jothi

Very convincing explanations about the problems we are having. He also explained about the treatment to be taken and also some changes in our diet.

K Raman

Experience in alternative system of medicine was evident from the useful discussion I had with him in the first few sessions. After meeting him, I got a positive impression on Alternative System of Medicine in general and Acupuncture in particular.