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About Dr. M.Mohamed Yusuf

A graduate of Pharmacy from Madras Medical College, Chennai, Dr. Mohamed Yusuf’s growing urge to push the boundaries of patient recovery and therapeutic health was limited by the medical system training that was prevalent at the time. After a Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes Education at CMC Vellore, he pondered on the idea that prevention of illness was the best cure.

This lead to him diving deep into the world of Alternative Systems of Medicine. With a knack for healing, Dr. Mohamed Yusuf explored the potentials of Acupuncture. In the year 2009, he completed a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture. The results of his studies came back with remarkable cures for illnesses faster and more effective than any western medicine. This strong penchant for the ancient eastern alternative techniques through the healing of body, mind, and soul opened up insights into the cure of various chronic diseases and pain treatment.

The immediate and dramatic success in this field proved that Dr. Yusuf found his home ground here. Over the years he became an authority on acupuncture and pioneered the use of Lasers & Electro-Acupuncture. Since 2009, he has been a pioneer in Alternative medicine and Acupuncture in Chennai, curing hundreds of patients of all walks of life for nominal sums. Dr. Mohamed Yusuf is known in the city as one of the most prominent voices promoting awareness about the harmful effects of drugs.